Tennessee STEM and STE(A)M School Redesignation was developed to provide a “roadmap” for schools to continue to successfully implement a STEM or STE(A)M education plan at the local level. The tools and resources created define the attributes necessary for a school to create a comprehensive STEM or STE(A)M learning environment for its students. A school that receives Tennessee STEM and STE(A)M School Redesignation will be recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education for its use of STEM or STE(A)M teaching and learning strategies and serve as a model from which other schools may visit and learn. All K–12 schools serving students in Tennessee are eligible.

2019 Designated Schools are now up for Redesignation. The Intent to Apply is open and eligible schools have received the form via email.

Recorded Webinar Series

Component 1Timeline Link Timeline
Component 2Artifacts Deep DiveLink Artifacts
Component 3Futurecasting Deep DiveLink Futurecasting
Component 4Site Visit & Scoring OverviewLink Site Visit / Overview

All webinars will begin at 3:30 PM CST (4:40 PM EST). 
Webinars are 1 hour long with an additional 15 minutes for a quick Q&A session.

Redesignation Open Office Hours will occur the week of July 22-26, 2024, daily from 9:00 AM CST to 12:00 PM CST and 1:00 PM CST to 4:00 PM CST.  You can select a morning or afternoon meeting below, depending on which would work best for your schedule.

Steps to Apply for Redesignation

Download and review the Redesignation Guidebook. Schools will be invited to apply when their original Designation is expiring. 

What is Tennessee STEM or STE(A)M School Redesignation?

STEM and STE(A)M education provides an opportunity for each child to discover and learn, pursue a fulfilling post-high school path, and become a resilient, lifelong learner. STEM and STE(A)M education are an integrated approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are learned through real-world, project-based experiences. Students use science, technology, engineering, arts/humanities, and mathematics concepts to make authentic connections between school, community, and work experiences. The Tennessee STEM and STE(A)M School Designation was created to award and recognize schools that are exemplars of this work. The list of current STEM Designated Schools across the state can be found here

Once a school has earned designation, that certification is valid for a period of 5 years. Schools are required to reapply for STEM or STE(A)M School Designation in order to verify that the primary focus for learning remains centered around STEM and/or STE(A)M principles. 

To recertify, eligible schools must demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills, practice, and growth over time in the STEM or STE(A)M designation attributes within the STEM/STE(A)M designation rubric.


Review Redesignation Guidebook

Eligible schools receive an invitation to apply for Redesignation from TSIN. 


Submit Application

Schools will receive information for completing the application process on the Slideroom platform. 


School Site Visit

TSIN will contact eligible schools to schedule a tour and panel meeting. 


Announcing STEM and STE(A)M Designated Schools

Designated schools are celebrated at the annual TN STEM Innovation Summit.